Sahyadrihills Holiday Itinerary (2/3 days)

Bordering the Western Ghats lies the village Kakkadanpoyil wherein Sahyadrihills is located. The place is ideal for peaceful introspection and meditation. There is enough time and space to peep into your loving self while being close to nature.

Breakfast by 08:00 am.
Trekking top point/ village/ planting.
Lunch by 01:00 pm.
Visit to the water falls.
Back to Sahyadri Hills.
Lighting the lamp/ prayers/ meditation.
Dinner Served in the Cottage by 08:00 pm.
Reading and listening to music.

Places of interest

Kozhipara Waterfalls/ Sahyadri hills top point and meadows/ Nilambur forest route/ Chaliyar river/ Pazhassi Caves/ Vellimala mountain ranges.

Special functions

Trekking into deep Forest.
Folk-lore music and festivals.
Talks on spirituality/ Ancient wisdom.
Visit to Tribal village/ School/ place of worship.

Puttu with veg curry.
Boiled Banana split.
Milk, sugar and rice flakes.
Tattu dosa with chutney.
Appam with stew.
Tea, coffee, milk.

Rice , curry , fried vegetables.
Rice gruel ( kanchi with veg and pickles).
Chappathi and curry.

Rice and curry.
Chappathi and curry.
Rice gruel with coconut chutney.

Snacks & Juice
Ela Ada.
Vegetable & Fruit Juice.

Egg/ Non.veg food can be made available upon request.