Reconnect to the Sampradaya of Preservation

Sahyadri has been thoughtfully conceived to give you a link to the missing world of the mountain tribes. A place which shall give you a chance to revive your loving nature and take you closer to the divine through silent interaction. No speed, No greed, its all about peace and preservation.

The greatness of creation

The Village - Kakkadanpoyil, the unexplored high altitude village, lies 47 km off the Calicut coast, in the quietude of the Western Ghats. It's one of the most serene parts of Kerala with all the earthly features a lover of nature would search for. Mystic folklore and magical climate changes transverse you to a spiritual plan worth realizing. The simple life style followed by villagers shall be an eye opener to those missing a link to Nirvana.

Kirathan, the tribal God of Forests, has a central space at Sahyadri. The mountain ranges resonate with divine tribal stories and experiences. On a misty night in the dark wilderness your keenness to folklore could add more life to this greatness.

Western Ghats major tourist destinations:

The hills, rocks and valleys which contribute to the very unique character of Western ghat provides a lot for adventure tourism. The major tourist destinations are Kakkadampoyil, Wayanad and Mannarkkad. Kakkadampoyil is a pristine location compared to Wayanad.